To the Community

For teachers LED provides a new pedagogical capacity, with validated scientific accuracy, allowing them to diversify educational strategies, creating classes with attentive students and differentiated pedagogical management, that are more articulate and empowering for enriching and valuing the curriculum.

LED shows each student “where he /she is going” and stimulates, through experience, the internalisation of values for the formation of his /her character, through innovative methodologies, that result of years of Research & Development. These approaches have interactive activities, interpersonal and digital, with a strong emotional and collaborative component as well as resolution of ethical dilemmas that enable the student to train the hierarchy of values, especially in the difficult decisions where the “good” values come into conflict.

For the Family LED indicates the sign of a modern harbour, recognizing the great challenges of relationships that surround the daily life of today, by supporting parental action and reflecting with the family on the structural basis for the success of their educational processes within the family, the relationship with the school and the strengthening of ties among its members.