LED Advantages for the Teacher/School

For teachers it provides a new pedagogical capacity, with validated scientific accuracy, allowing them to diversify educational strategies, creating classes with attentive students and differentiated pedagogical management, that are more articulate and empowering for enriching and valuing the curriculum.

LED Advantages for your Students

LED shows each student “where he/she is going” and stimulates, through experience, the internalisation of values for the formation of their character.
LED on Values proposes to enlighten the increasingly complex network of paths and destinations and in a scenario of crossroads and diffuse perspectives on tomorrow with the aim of making this network apparent using leds that, despite being small, make the crossroads that they will have to face clearly visible through the dynamics of their shared learning experience.

Developing Skills with LED allows children and young people to:

  • Ensure the construction of a strong character;
  • Improve their self-confidence, sensitivity and reflexivity;
  • Have the ability to learn continuously;
  • Set a course of life and outline the key objectives of life, envisioning their contribution to society;
  • Recognize their role in social groups, creating bonds of belonging and confidence;
  • Develop different views, with tolerance and understanding, contributing to the
    constructive resolution of conflicts;
  • Recognize the importance of citizenship in its various manifestations;
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for building the Common Good.