Ethics Flag

The Ethics Flag is a process of certification and promotion of ethical values ​​in sport, conceived, developed and tested by the Values University, and whose implementation and operation is the responsibility of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, I.P. (IPDJ, I.P.), through the National Plan for Ethics in Sport (PNED), through the creation of a quality brand for sports initiatives, which should be enhanced by certified entities inside and outside their organization.

With a graphic identity with a strong link to the LED on Values ​​Program, the Ethics Flag comprises the following objectives:

• Innovate, through the creation of a methodology for the certification of ethical values ​​in sport; • Ensure a flexible and useful methodology for all types of agents in the sports system;

• Ensure a flexible and useful methodology for all types of agents in the sports system;

• Implement a process that identifies and promotes best practices in sport;

• Promote the visibility of replicable initiatives and recognize the action of the agents of the sports system.

The Ethics Flag is aimed at all entities that want their work to be recognized and certified in the context of promoting ethical values ​​through sport. Proponents can apply for certification of projects, initiatives, departments, or of the entity itself in its set of activities, and the information provided must coincide with the scope of the intended certification.

The Ethics Flag is based on a technological platform that enables two main functionalities:

• the submission of applications for certification, which refers to the process of obtaining accreditation;

• the repository of best practices in ethics and values ​​in sport, where a set of excellent resources are archived, available for consultation by the Ethics Flag community.

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