(Re)Playing (With) Values And Heritage
The languages, the playabilities, the technologies of videogames in their application to the didactics and dissemination of the Universal Values in their Cultural Heritage framework.

A trans-disciplinary project bridging 3 science domains – Education, Heritage and Interactive Computer Graphics, aiming to investigate, conceive, develop, test and evaluate new videogame prototypes and platforms in their vast potential socio-cultural impact.

Four workshops: Geomatics for Heritage; 3D Modelling and real-time rendering of landscapes, historical centres, monuments and artefacts; Scriptwriting and (re)creative museography; Virtual characterology, human behaviour and arts performance (drama, music, dance, declamation)

Four action fronts: Courses (different formats and target audiences); Videogame prototype creation; Discussion and dissemination forums on Videogames for Heritage and Universal Values; Trans-disciplinary, trans-language and trans-media events.

This project is developed at the Values University, in a partnership between Oldtown Gametales, ltd and iLIDH.
Participants: Oldtown Gametales, ltd; iLIDH.