Values in Action

Introduction and Objectives:

The Values in Action module is directed to children and youth from kinder garden to secondary school.

It is focused on activities with a strong experiential component and can be developed in the classroom, outdoors and in the community.

The proposed exercises are designed to develop personal, social and civic competences, working values clearly identified, such as friendship, cooperation, leadership, honesty, humility, among many others.

Pedagogical Materials:

1. Implementation Guide

  • Provides instructions on how to apply the exercises and how to extract learning in an environment of debate and how to enhance the competences and identification of values developed, combining experience with reflection and, thereafter, to generalization.
  • Provides information about the exercises and educational games most suitable for different education levels, according to the type of competences to develop.
  • Allows teachers to identify the best opportunities to implement the Module along the curriculum objectives, in particular primary education, by area and curriculum block.

2. Exercise Sheets

Download Script Exerc-10_eng

3. Training videos