Knowledge Of Conscience Center
Knowledge of Conscience Center is developed in partnership with LIMMIT (Faculty of Medicine) and IBEB (Faculty of Sciences) – University of Lisbon. Its main purposes are:

– To explore the relationship between the Values University pedagogical activity and the states and traits of conscience and human anatomy and physiology. 
– To develop advanced technological and digital solutions for a deeper interaction (digital immersive environments, multilevel processing of biosignals, brain-machine interface), optimizing the monitoring systems used at the Values University pegagogical activities through the development of additional algorithms for the interpretatioon of neurophysiological data.
– To measure the impact of distinct pedagogical experiences, using biosensors to provide ideal correlations for data analysis applications, integrating the Values University in a transnational laboratory for observation and measurement of clinical and social impacts, aimed at providing scientific ground for a "socio-neural literacy".
– To study and apply internalization variables through a complete systematic descriptive model to characterize patterns associated with pedagogical experiences, via neuropsychophysiological tests, biochemical markers and psychological scales, allowing us to evaluate the impact and internalization levels of universal values and tacit skills.