The Luso-Illyrian Institute for Human Development (iLIDH) is a private, non-profit association for general public purposes founded in 2007. In 2011 it establishes an official representation in Prague (Czech Republic) and in 2012 in Tirana (Albania).
In 2018, the Luso-Illyrian Foundation for Human Development (FLIDH) is created to integrate all institutions internationally.

The institution develops scientific and cooperation initiatives that provide sustainable implementation of personal, social and civic skills in education systems and in management settings, having founded the first European Social Literacy Programme, LED on Values. In Management and Organizational Learning iLIDH implements innovative approaches to leadership, training and IT programs.

Working at the international arena, it promotes cooperation projects, private and public consulting with Universities, Enterprises, Central and Local Authorities and counts in its Counseling Bodies and Experts’ Groups with the support of prominent and leading individuals and entities from the scientific, educational, business and governmental domains.