Personal Area
Competence Area Competence Context Values – Foundations of Competence Key Competences Profile
PERSONAL Character Humility, patience, modesty, gratitude, serenity

Integrity, truth, sincerity, honesty, honour

Love, altruism, solidarity, kindness, generosity, caring, compassion, self-esteem, self-respect

Discipline, responsibility, flexibility, obedience, deprivation

Excellence, determination, persistence, autonomy, courage, optimism, enthusiasm

Conscience, reflexivity, critical thinking

Demonstrate sensitivity, tact and empathy for others;
Being able to adapt the behaviour to the needs and characteristics of individuals or groups;
Be able to learn from mistakes and successes;
Apply continuously self-control of emotions and behaviours;
Have the ability to distinguish between positive and negative influences, whether in relation to peers or the media;
Acknowledge ones value and a balanced self-esteem;
Be able to identify good models of conduct;
Identify and resolve moral dilemmas, being able to make choices that protect the conscience and the common good;
Be able to set a course of life, envisaging the contribution to society and trace the main objectives of life;
Cultivate an attitude of Lifelong Learning and Learning to Learn.
Spirituality Faith, trust, hope, patience

Devotion, concentration, serenity

Purity, perfection, innocence

Forgiveness, compassion, mercy, understanding

Have strong and coherent beliefs about the higher purpose, the meaning of life and of the universe;
Have consistency between beliefs, attitudes and behaviours;
Be able to create moments of introspection / meditation / prayer.