Competences to be Discovered

LED on Values follows a reference framework for the competences to be developed in children and young that is structured in three main areas – personal, social and civic competences.

The exercises and educational games, organized by these three areas of competences, promote personal, professional and civic excellence citizens of tomorrow. The domain of the key competencies of these three areas is affected by the mastery of certain values.

Personal Competences: Set the Compasses

Values that endow the children and young of an integrated capacity of self-awareness, clarity to guide the direction of their life, their “compass” in a safe and sustainable way.

Social Competences: All Aboard

Values that in interdependence with others, enable the child/young to start their way in society, navigating towards harmonious destinations of the future in family and professional relationships.

Civic Competences: Sharing the Seas

Values that sustain their contribution to society, in which they should share their findings on personal and social values, with a sense of responsibility for their legacy.

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