Civics Area
Competence Area Competence Context Values – Foundations of Competence Key Competences Profile
CÍVIC Political and Democratic Institutions Participation, responsibility, subsidiarity

Fairness, justice, impartiality

Freedom ,equality, security

Welfare, good governance

Duty, right

Recognize the importance that the citizen strengthen his power by participating in democratic institutions;
Recognize the fundamental rights and duties of citizenship and participation in democratic life;
Be capable of involvement in mechanisms of deliberation, discussion and political discourse;
Develop a sense of responsibility for the construction of the Common Good in political and democratic institutions.
Public and Community Space Social cohesion, sustainability, peace, hope

Reflexivity, leadership, participation, service

Understand pluralism and tolerance as crucial challenges to a healthy community integration;
Acknowledge the challenges that confront communities, locally and globally;
Be able to take responsibility for participation and leadership in the associative and community life;
Develop critical thinking about social life situations, with a view to boost participation in finding solutions for communities.