Equality Values

Introduction and Objectives:The Equality Values module, directed particularly to students of lower and upper secondary education, intends to:

  • Address the principle of equality in the grounds of personal, social and civic skills for the youth, supporting their individual and social life project;
  • Raise awareness, mobilize and train educational agents for Equality and its associated framework of the fundamental values.
This module was developed in Alentejo, Central and North regions with the support of the Human Potential Operational Programme through the Action 7.3 – Technical and Financial Support for Non-Governmental Organizations.

Pedagogical material

1. Implementation Guide


    • Provides an approach to the equality concept in the following dimensions:
      • Equal Opportunities;
      • Gender Equality;
      • Prevention and Combating Gender Violence in Dating and among Peers;
      • Reconciling Work and Family;
      • Citizenship;
      • Non-Discrimination.


  • Provides instructions on how to apply the exercises and how to extract the learning in a debate environment and in order to enhance the skills and identification of the worked values, by combining experience and reflection.
3. Apresentation Vídeo (In Portuguese)