The most original equality is that of all beings and phenomena as identical manifestations, unrepeatable and unique though interconnected, from the bottomless background of reality and life. In this sense all are sacred and endowed with an intrinsic value, irreducible to their evaluation, mercantilization and instrumentalization by economic or other interests. The world and nature are immensely worthy of respect, in their entirety and in each interdependent entity that constitutes them. All beings, from the most elemental to the most complex, are equally important, for their incomparable uniqueness and because each contains within themselves the totality of the universe in which it is simultaneously contained, according to the holistic vision of the world where today the millenarian spiritual traditions and the contemporary science converge.

On the human stage, equality lies not only in all humans being identical as different manifestations of the same universal life, but in having all an unlimited potential of development and achievement that is not susceptible of comparisons and judgments according to external criteria. Every human being, like every living being and every phenomenon of the universe, is a splendorous and unique fulguration of the mystery of the world and as such must be recognized and respected, no matter how elemental, limited or negative it may seem to be to a superficial or hasty look. The evolution of societies, nations and cultures is measured by the degree to which they integrate in the public and private domain this recognition, respect and trust in the inexhaustible potentialities of each human being, as well as their capacity to stimulate and promote their full development.

Author: Paulo Borges. Copyrights iLIDH 2015-