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“It is in the spontaneity of encounters and in the reciprocity of generous sharing that Values Education and the awareness of the meaning acquisition germinate. 
The LED on Values aims to provide a free compass that many seek, but few find, to guide the learning journey with wisdom.”Roberto Carneiro, Chairman of the LED on Values Experts Council do LED on Values


Through the LED Business Social Investment Program, LED on Values invites Portuguese Organizations to contribute to the implementation and development of this educational project – the first non-for-profit Social Literacy program in Portugal and in the European Area.

Backed by a constant effort in R&D worldwide and currently involving as beneficiaries, more than 200 schools throughout all the regions in Portugal and with pilots in the Czech Republic and Norway LED on Values program is supported and recommended by the Portuguese Ministry of Education that, along with other preeminent individuals and institutions representing various sectors and also the Portuguese business community, is part of the LED on Values Experts Council and collaborates in its dissemination and monitoring.