Join Today the Schools of your Community

We know that today, in the organizational world, in the center of management models is unavoidably the human factor, and that the new responsibilities are accompanied by demands on the emotional, values and ethics capital.

  • The Values Education in the LED Program make economies grow, integrates the differences and transforms ordinary people into excellent citizens and workers.
  • LED on Values is a program sponsored by the Luso-Illyrian Institute for Human Development (iLIDH), which concluded in a recent study that 98% of schools in the country want to join the LED program, and their main obstacle to join is the small budget they have available.
  • In this context, support is vital so that schools, with the families, can continue its important mission of educating for values. In LED on Values case, financial support from each organization may be between 200 and 650 euros/year, depending on the chosen plan, which corresponds to 9,5 to 29,5 euros per student for a class with 22 students in average, thus ensuring that the school chosen and supported by your organization has access to training and material resources for teachers and families in the implementation of a structured Values Education program throughout the school year.