Joy is the spontaneous fruition of Life, without why or for what. Joy is the lightness of the game of the world, the graceful dance of all things, consciousness, energy and matter, in the everlasting harmony that is renewed at every moment. Joy is the timeless childhood and youth that inhabits us, where everything is fresh and ever new, born at every moment.

Joy is deeper than drama, comedy and tragedy. It is the smile that opens beyond the oscillation between laughter and crying. The smile of Life that is always reborn from all the apparent absurdities, conflicts, damages and losses.

Authentic joy includes rejoicing for the good of others, which frees us from the torments of envy and jealousy. Those who rejoice for the good of all offer themselves far more opportunities to be happy than to rejoice only for their own good.

The deepest joy is that which arises without being sought. The joy of simpler experiences. The joy of being. This deep good of being here and not needing anything else. This joy comes imbued with gratitude.

Author: Paulo Borges. Copyrights iLIDH 2015-