Introduction and Objectives:

The LEDinn module is aimed to children of Elementary School, between 6 and 10 years old. This module consists of a set of educational activities that develop in the learners, simultaneously, the awareness and discovery of universal values and the capacity to identify and value individual differences.
The LEDinn module activities provide learners the opportunity to express their diverse ways of learning, while educators observe and reflect on these differences and engage with them in discussing their individual approaches to learning in the activity specific context.

This module was developed and validated under the protocol signed between iLIDH and Universal Education Foundation (UEF), which aims to inspire and engage people in the development of learning environments that are more conductive for the children and young people well-being.

Teaching Materials

1. Implementation Guideline



  • Introduction to Inner Diversity including the Differences that exists in learning processes, finding non-judgmental Language to describe differences, as well as Strategies to work with learning differences.
  • Activities sheets and instructions about how to apply the exercises and pedagogical games.


2. Exercise scripts


Download the Farming script.