Patience is the ability to endure and appreciate with joy and perseverance all manifestations of Life, even the most harsh or contrary to our interests, desires and expectations. Patience is, above all, the ability to accept and appreciate things as they are, free from our mental and emotional frames, preferences and exclusions, free from our attempts at manipulation and control. True patience is never a passive resignation, but an active openness of consciousness and heart to the deeper and unforeseen dimensions of reality, even though strange, inhospitable and uncomfortable they may seem to be as we close ourselves to them. There is no patience without wisdom, freedom, love, compassion, joy and gratitude.

Patience makes us stronger, that is, more sensitive, flexible and tender and less
rigid, stubborn and hard. Patience opens us to an ever greater understanding and acceptance of ourselves, of others and of the world, as we / they are and not as we think we / they should be, at the same time inscribing us in a horizon of unlimited development.

Patience is not limited to the present, but opens also to the possible. We are truly patient when we accept and assume everything the best we can be and become and do not give up doing it, moved by love, compassion and perseverance, for the good of everything and everyone. Patience frees us from judgments and resentments and leads us to creativity.

Author: Paulo Borges. Copyrights iLIDH 2015-