Sexuality Values

Introduction and Objectives

The Values of Sexuality Module is intended for children and youth from Primary to Secondary school.

It focuses on the ethical dilemmas resolution methodology based on relevant values and competences to the ethics of sexuality.

The proposed ethical dilemmas aim to develop personal, social and civic competences, mediated by the family and school, which underlie the construction of a healthy emotional and sex life projects.

The dilemmas are presented in scenarios such as “Cases” readily identifiable with the students’ universe. The ethical scenarios are in context of relationships with the Media (Internet, advertising, etc.), Peers (colleagues and friends), Family, School, Body, etc..

The module was developed in close collaboration with the Innovation and Curricular Development General Directorate of the Ministry of Education, to provide educational materials and training on Education for Sexuality, focusing on the ethical dimension of sexuality, according to the law 196-A2010, 9th April.

Pedagogical Materials:

1. Implementation Guide

  • Provides an approach to the sexuality concept;
  • Clarifies the methodology, focused on ethical dilemmas;
  • Provides instructions on how to implement the exercises for both directive and non-directive methods.

3. Interactive simulator


4. Training videos “Sexual Education in School Context: The Ethical Dimension of Sexuality” (in Portuguese)

Professor Michel Renaud:
The session is divided in 3 parts. Watch the first one.

Testimony“They were becoming aware that the approach intended with this module was not what they initially thought, because it is not a medical-biological approach but an approach that seeks students to internalize values. Thus, the conversation that was established between teachers and students was giving shape to the dimension of the word sexuality.” (Teacher, 6th grade class)