Social Area
Competence Area Competence Context Values – Foundations of Competence Key Competences Profile
SOCIAL Family Respect, obedience, loyalty, honour, service

Responsibility, altruism, dedication, sacrifice

Sharing, solidarity, brotherhood, generosity, friendship

Love, intimacy, trust, understanding, tolerance, cooperation

Develop awareness of the importance of fundamental social institutions, such as the Family;
Adopt principles of loyalty and belonging to traditions and the agents that contribute to the sustainability of family relationships as educational spaces of excellence;
Develop basic personal abilities of service and dedication to others and of self-denial, that support the adoption of responsibilities in the future;
Be able to integrate and relate, recognizing the different social roles that the family represents, in an atmosphere of harmony and solidarity between generations;
Be able to appreciate the bonds of trust and intimacy as the foundation for lasting and stable relationships;
Develop the ability to foresee different points of view, with understanding and tolerance, contributing to the constructive resolution of conflicts.
Work Leadership, excellence, self-motivation, initiative

Discipline, creativity, competitiveness, perseverance

Strategy, assertiveness, innovation

Cooperation, collaboration, negotiation

Have the ability to accept challenging tasks, enduring the obstacles;
Accept, plan and implement projects/complex tasks, applying a sense of responsibility and leadership;
Acknowledge the necessity of learning by doing, by experience, pursuing the highest standards of excellence in the workplace;
Be able to solve team conflicts in a a constructive way;
Work with a future orientation mind, being able to develop activities by defining and achieving specific goals and objectives.