Twelve Stones
Twelve Stones is a videogame set in 1648, in a real context partially recreated by fiction. It takes place in the old Cerca Palace, the center of the Ancient Villa of Mafra, here rebuilt with accurate historical realism. The Palace, then recently included in the Viscounty of Vila Nova de Cerveira, goes through a remodelation process that turns the old medieval hoss, still attached to the long gone castle, into a new mannerist building. 

The plot unravels with the arrival of Jorge Scutari, the nephew of Viscount D. Diogo, who, returned from the Netherlands, faces a challange imposed by his uncle. The challange is serious, since the young man has been away from the country for a long time and has a foreign mother and now he has to prove himself worthy of local governance responsibilities. Jorge, who collaborated with Priest António Vieira in the european diplomacy, will be overwhelmed with the mindsets from the Restoration Portugal, but also with the exotic cultures and traditions that gather in the Palace in the form of a misterious brotherhood. At his arrival, Jorge finds his beautiful and melancholic cousin Violante and will have to face the bitter suspicions of Marco Bene, D. Diogo’s italian secretary. A great mistery around the Viscounty’s heraldic weapons appears on the horizon and seductive ideas about a hidden treasure form in the young man’s mind.