Universal Values Exhibition
Through the promotion of universal values as foundation of personal, social and civic key-skills, the exhibition is an interactive space developed to:
– Raise awareness and stimulate reflection about the visitors’ place in nature and their role in society and their contribution for the common good, in harmony with universal values.
– Promote creativity among children and youth, encouraging them to think for themselves, to learn to articulate their opinions and to engage in the consequences of their moral decisions, under guidance of the universal values.
– Invite visitors to make choices, through exercises developed to test their opinions while finding creative solutions that help both individual and collective good.
Here our guests can experience and learn trough audiovisual interactions with advanced technology, such as multimedia exhibitions of biographies of wise men and women of humanity, from ancient times to nowadays, who gave significant contributions for the promotion of universal values. They serve as inspiration sources and offer opportunities for learning and reflecting about universal knowledge.