Creativity is the attunement to the constant re-creation of Life, which is never equal to itself and never repeats itself, manifesting itself in a constant flow of events and experiences always new, unique and unforeseeable. Creativity is our own life, before it is the conception of any idea or project or the production of an external work.

If it is moved by wisdom, love and compassion, creativity is the spontaneous fulfilment of what is, in each moment and in every circumstance, the best for all, without thinking about it. True creativity does not obey plans, programs and projects, but rather is the inspiring breath of Life, free from the limitations of human desires and interests. This is why creativity leads individuals, societies, traditions and cultures to evolve and excel, not crystallizing into definitive, sterile, and dead forms. Evolution is a self-written book that opens a last blank page.

Creativity manifests itself in the capacity to start again at every moment and in this sense it is linked to forgiveness, which frees us from the pain of resentment against us, others and the world, as well as the hell of criticism, censorship, judgment, condemnation, guilt and blame. Not because it ignores responsibility, but because it refuses to close the Life in the already lived and the interpretations, evaluations and judgments made about the past that weigh on the present and narrow the horizon of the future.

Forgiveness comes from the Latin “perdonare”, which suggests giving or recognizing to you and others the possibility of a constant rebirth, according to the perennial renewal and creativity of Life. Forgiveness and creativity also presuppose understanding that there are no unilateral responsibilities and that we are always an active part of the causes and conditions of everything that happens to us, that we are co-creators of the world and that there are no facts that are not made, that is, the work of the our actions and perceptions. Forgiveness is as creative as much it recognizes the negativity and limitation of past actions and leads to a firm resolution not to give in to them again.

More than merely human, the fullest creativity is that of Life, which manifests itself in all its forms, from the simplest to the most complex. In this sense, it reveals the profound equality of all beings, in the superabundant richness of their differences, irreducible to comparisons and hierarchies.

Author: Paulo Borges. Copyrights iLIDH 2015-