Gratitude is the recognition for everything and everyone that allows us to participate freely in the Feast of Life. Gratitude springs from the awareness that the whole universe conspires for our good, by understanding how our whole life and all that we enjoy and can enjoy, depends on the voluntary and involuntary contribution of countless beings, such as of the great cosmic elements that make up everything that exists: space, air, earth, fire, water.

We have the whole cosmos in our body, in our breath and in our consciousness, just like the life of a vastness of beings in everything we eat, wear and use. We are all interdependent and we are all intertwined. These words and their meaning do not exist outside the matter of the world and of the mind of the reader. In us we have everything and everyone. We owe our existence to the existence of everything. We are inseparable from each other, from all things and the common nature of everything.

With this awareness, life is a continual thanksgiving. Even for their less desirable and harsher and more difficult circumstances and experiences, which challenge us and allow us to overcome our present limits by evolving more rapidly. Gratitude then takes the form of patience.

Author: Paulo Borges. Copyrights iLIDH 2015-