LED Teacher Individual Premium



LED Teacher Individual Premium



Teacher Individual Kit

  1. Teachers Guide
  2. Poster LED School + LEDs Team
  3. Online KIT – 1 personal login in LED on Values collaborative platform to:
    • Download available exercise sheets of the modules Values in Action, Values of Sexuality and European Values
    • View illustrative videos of the activities and training
    • Share experiences with other teachers
    • Obtain educational support from specialists (Coaching)
    • Communicate in real time with students, parents and teachers
    • Develop exercises in interactive software
    • Access update information during the year (including new exercises)



    1. Supporting the ongoing training process
    2. Articulation with the Training Centers
    3. Credited training programs for teachers*

* Minimum of 16 participants in the group.



  1. Monitoring of the teacher throughout the school year?
  2. Specialist teaching support


  1. Access to best practices?
  2. Participation in groups for developing and testing new materials

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Measuring Programme Impacts in the teaching and learning processes
  2. Monitoring of the class using quantitative (questionnaires) and qualitative (case study) methods
  3. Development of “on-going” improvement recommendations for the LED Program implementation


Learning Tools

  1. Create LED Class – virtual classroom
  2. File folders of working documents
  3. Develop further support materials
  4. Define and share lesson plans, tasks and homework tasks
  5. Submit and correct work projects
  6. Develop exercises in interactive software
  7. Assess students’ skills with electronic tests


Integration with Families

  1. Access to the LED’s Family Platform for parents.