LED Teacher

There are two degrees of subscription to LED Teacher:

  • LED Teacher Individual
  • LED Teacher Individual Premium

For more detail of each degree, select above. The summary of the 2 degrees is presented in the table below.

The LED Teacher Individual option aims to support an individual teacher with resource materials and online monitoring of the implementation of a set of selected exercises of several modules, depending on his/her students characteristics.

The LED Teacher Individual Premium option is a more deep commitment of the teacher to a Social Literacy programme that ensures a more complete and responsible intervention towards the objectives of a Values Education personal programme.



LED Teacher Individual




LED Teacher Individual Premium



Pedagogical Material Kit composed with exercises from the modules:

  • Values in Action
  • Values of Sexuality
  • European Values

Online Kit
1 personal login to access the collaborative portal

Of the teacher
In site and online follow-upMonitoring and Evaluation
Measuring impacts and “on going” recommendationsPhysical Implementation
Management consulting and unlimited educational materialOnline Kit
Access for teacher and parents
Collaborative and learning tools