Mafra Historical Axis
With this initiative we intend to provide those who visit Mafra with an opportunity to discover and learn more about its cultural, historical, geographical and archaeological context, with a cultural circuit that is central to the Mafra history and culture, and that promotes a combination of mysticism, faith, nature, history and literature, built upon advanced technological resources and building “bridges” between:

– Palace of the Marquises of Ponte de Lima and its Gardens
– Church of Santo Andrew
– Castle Street
– Quinta da Raposa
– Serpa Pinto Street
– Statue D. João V
– National Palace of Mafra
Based on an Android and IOS (iPhone) application, the Mafra Historical Axis links the two most important historical and cultural points of the Mafra Village – the National Palace of Mafra and the Palace of the Marquises of Ponte de Lima – along a geo-referenced route with embedded audio-guides, in a straight line of about 800 meters by the road that became known as the Royal “Calçada”.
Available in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, the visitor is guided to the most significant historical points of this route, the one that the King João V frequently made while staying at the Palace of the Marquises and visiting his Royal Work.