Monitoring Agent

This is a backoffice tool developed for the Universal Values Museum ​​(UVM), whose first prototype was created within the scope of a technological project of iLIDH spin-off company, Kuptim – Learning Solutions, and more recently developed for the context of learning in Social Literacy at the UVM, with the European project TEL4SL.
It is an innovative database system that allows you to record and track visitors’ learning steps throughout the UVM interactive exhibition by registering visitors and physical MVU modules (digital and non-digital games and activities) and, through an online intranet of communication between the system components, the Monitoring Agent is able to collect data from each learning module in real time, creating an (anonymous) database of the learning experiences of the visitors in the UVM.
This system is also capable of creating an individual and group output about the performance of the visitors in relation to the transversal skills developed, based on the universal values ​​addressed in the games and activities, whose user interface is an Android application that can be used in their mobile devices or provided at the UVM.