Peace is the stillness of the spirit and of the heart in all circumstances and experiences, even or especially in the most turbulent, dangerous, violent and difficult. True peace is both a gift and an achievement, if we can open and commune the bottomless depth of reality and life, the deep bowels of the ocean of the world where the truth has always lived and never penetrates the swirling waves of the surface. It is in this deep peace, which resides in the innermost being and consciousness, that lies the possibility of our individual and collective pacification.

This pacification comes from the deepening of wisdom and understanding, love and compassion, joy and gratitude, patience, forgiveness and trust. In this way, inseparable from full awareness to what is happening at each moment in our inside, the turbulence of the thoughts and emotions is quieted, we no longer identify ourselves with them and we begin to see how they are insignificant in the wide and peaceful space in which they form, transform and dissipate. Through meditation and contemplation, we see and experience that agitation and drama never touch the peace of our deep and unsullied nature, which we begin to discover as our true identity, inseparable from the common nature of everything and everyone.

In tune with the peace that we are, we radiate it and share it, without effort and without noting, in everything we think, say and do, or in the simple being here and now, aware, with nothing to do but breathe and be. In tune with the peace that we are, we live in the world without participating in its turbulence and conflict, we cease to be obstacles and we become vehicles of the divine and sacred presence and breathing that circulates in all things. Then, happiness is a constant blossoming and fruiting.

Author: Paulo Borges. Copyrights iLIDH 2015-