Trust is the feeling of having in us and in everything a truth, sanity and a natural goodness, the same truth, sanity and goodness of the deep nature of all things.

It is the backbone and a root of all our development possibilities. When we connect with that background, we have confidence in the best of ourselves and others and we don’t identify ourselves with fear, discouragement, despair, sadness and negativity, even if abruptly they sometimes manifest. We trust in the world, in existence and in life as an opportunity for growth and improvement, even and above all through the most difficult and arduous experiences, knowing that they are gifts that offer us the possibility to liberate us from what blocks or delays our evolution. This trust is not a blind faith or an unrealistic dream, but an experience that comes from the bottom of an open, sensitive and wise heart, which does not ignore the problems and difficulties of life, but sees that we can always not leave them the last word or which only seem to be negative while we cannot or do not want to see the wider door and horizon that opens to us.

Where there is this deep trust, peace is possible.

Author: Paulo Borges. Copyrights iLIDH 2015-