European Values

Introduction and Objectives

The European Values module is directed particularly to students of lower and upper secondary education.

It intends to be a useful tool for young people to:

  • promote awareness among about the Lisbon Treaty, while touchstone for the construction of the Union;
  • allow contact of youth with the values and fundamental rights of the EU, present implicitly and explicitly in the Treaties;
  • promote a sense of European citizenship among young people and support them in understanding their role in the present and future of Europe.
This module was developed and validated in close collaboration with CIEJD – Jacques Delors European Information Centre.

Pedagogical Materials

1. Implementation Guide;


  • Provides an approach to the concept of European citizenship;
  • Provides instructions on how to apply the exercises and how to extract the learning in an environment of debate and in order to enhance the skills and identification of values worked, combining the experience of reflection and, thereafter, to generalization.
2. Exercise Scripts