Technology Enhanced Learning for Social Literacy
Financed by the European Program ERASMUS+, TEL4SL’s main purpose is to present an effective model of technologically supported pedagogical tools that is replicable in different cultural and educational contexts in Europe, aimed at the promotion of an active and sustainable european citizenship. Coordinated by iLIDH and in partnership with PEP Foundation (Netherlands), Maltese Mentoring Society (Malta), Instituti LIDH (Albania), Portugalsko-Cesky Institut pro Lidsky Rozvoj (Czech Republic) and KUPTIM Technological Solutions, tested in the Universal Values Museum, the project intends to:- Promote a new insight about pedagogical exhibitions, integrating people of different ages, social classes, minorities in the discovery of the fundamental values that sustain peace and understanding;
– Promote technologically developed informal and non-formal learning environments, as well as their articulation with the formal educational systems, to develop and evaluate personal, social and civic skills in a fun, innovative and creative way;
– Develop inclusive and interactive software applications with innovative pedagogical resources to be used in mobile devices;
– Develop and test ICT tools that allow the monitoring and evaluation of users’ learning patterns and the outcomes of interactions and learning processes in courses and pedagogical exhibitions;
– Develop and implement the integrated traning program on social literacy for sustainable development and evaluation of transversal skills in formal, non-formal and informal educational contexts, targeting strategic agents.

The intellectual outputs of this project cam be downloaded here.